Jeep Grand Cherokee Catalytic Converter Scrap Price, Types, and Locations (2024)

If you are into big cars, you have obviously considered buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is one of the most popular SUVs on the American market. In the best years, the Grand Cherokee sold over 300,000 cars yearly. Now, the sales are not so massive, but the vehicle is still popular and desired among Americans. So, what to do if your Grand Cherokee has a broken catalytic converter?

Today, we'll tell you about the cat converters in a Grand Cherokee and about the prices you may get after selling these converters. First of all, you'll get to know where to sell them. Of course, hundreds of thousands of people wish to know what to do with OEM Jeep cats that seem to be valuable and some people manage to sell them at really good prices.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Catalytic Converter Scrap Price, Types, and Locations (1)

In this article, we'll talk about the following:

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee model years and cat converter types.
  2. How much should a Grand Cherokee scrap converter cost?
  3. What are the most comfortable ways to sell your catalytic converter?
  4. How to protect Jeep Grand Cherokee converters from being stolen?

Let's get started!

What types of converters are there in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It's hard to see the types of converters until you get under your car, take some instruments and cut these parts off the exhaust system. The average lifespan of a Jeep OEM catalytic converter is about 100,000 miles or a little more, so you will have to do this a couple of times throughout the life of your vehicle.

The SUV was first made in 1992. From the very beginning, all Jeep Grand Cherokee models were equipped with catalytic converters. In the 1990s, all cars manufactured in the US had to suit some ecology categories, so manufacturers started using cats.

Here are some facts you should know:

  • the most valuable cat converters are found in Jeeps with a big-displacement gasoline engine, not diesel ones;
  • also, the older Grand Cherokee cars have bigger and more expensive catalytic converters;
  • not every engine offers big cats, some engines are equipped with a couple of smaller converters;
  • the types and the number of catalytic converters depend much on the engine type and size;
  • sometimes, you can see small and not very expensive converters in the Grand Cherokee, but there are a lot of them in the assembly;
  • many Jeeps will have pre-cats placed in the engine bay, but the main cats will usually be placed under the vehicle, closer to the muffler.

This is all you need to know about the Grand Cherokee cat converter. One important thing to mention is that our estimated prices are true for OEM catalytic converters made by Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, or any other company that supplied these cats to Jeep Company when it was manufacturing your vehicle.

If you have an aftermarket Jeep Grand Cherokee catalytic converter, you can easily trade it in a local scrapyard and get around $20 for it. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense for you to read further because all we'll say in the article will only be true for OEM cat converters from your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

How much should an original cat from a Cherokee cost?

The price of a catalytic converter depends much on different factors and it's hard to say for sure what your cat is actually worth.

The short answer is as follows: the Grand Cherokee catalytic converter of a small size will cost about $90 as scrap. The big Jeep cat converter may cost up to $250 as scrap.

To learn the eventual price of a catalytic converter, you will need to investigate a little. First of all, you should see the serial number on your cat. Even if you can't see it, just take pictures of the converter and write all the information about your car and its engine.

Then, the following factors will build up the price for your catalytic converter:

  1. Year and model of your car, its engine. These are the main factors that define which type of converter you have there.
  2. The condition of the part. Rusty and damaged catalytic converters from your Jeep will not cost a lot because recycling companies will not be able to get all the needed metals out of them.
  3. The market prices of precious metals. Mainly, the prices for palladium, platinum, and also rhodium are important.
  4. The average prices for cat converters of this type and size on the market - this information is hard to reach, but recycling companies and other buyers use it when making offers.
  5. The place you choose for selling your catalytic converter. It may be just a scrapyard with minimal prices or another company with a better offer.

When reading this list, you may have noticed, that you basically cannot control anything but the buyer of your converter. In one case, you may choose a private buyer who is ready to pay more. In some other cases, you may want to save your time and sell the cat converter to a company that pays less but is ready to give you cash quickly.

Though the place for selling your catalytic converter is not the only important thing. You should also avoid resellers and middlemen who will assure you that they are your only chance to sell the catalytic converter from a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Don't believe anyone and just find the best price offer.

How long will a converter in your Grand Cherokee live?

Usually, these cats survive for about 10 years or 100,000 miles, whatever comes first. Sometimes, you can find a 25-year-old Jeep Grand Cherokee with OEM converters. It means that the owner of this vehicle has maintained his car really well. But it may also mean that the converter was replaced a couple of years ago and an OEM cat was installed.

So, once every ten years or every 100 thousand miles, you will still need to check if the converter is alive and working properly in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If not, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it will slow down your vehicle and cause problems with exhaust. Your SUV will not pass the fog test.

How to sell the catalytic converter from a Grand Cherokee?

You may sell your Jeep converter at a scrapyard or to a private buyer. You may even sell the converter to the specialist who repairs the exhaust system in your car. Also, you may find middlemen - these are people who buy converters cheaper in order to resell them then at a higher price.

But the most eco-friendly and, in our opinion, the easiest option to sell your catalytic converter is to use one of the recycling companies you may have in your state or even in neighboring areas.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Take pictures of the converter.
  2. Go online and find the websites of a couple of recycling companies.
  3. Make sure these companies buy out cat converters.
  4. Follow the instructions and quote to get the price offer.
  5. Study the offers and decide which company is the best option for you.
  6. Ship your converter according to the instructions.
  7. Get your money and spend them as you wish.

This may seem complicated, but actually, this is the easiest way to sell your catalytic converter. The furthest place you will have to go to will be the office of a shipping company. But the most important thing is that these companies pay more money than most other converter buyers.

Usually, you can get a twice better price offer here than at a local scrapyard.

How to protect the Jeep Grand Cherokee converter from theft?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee is a vehicle with a solid ride height. It means a thief can easily get under the car and cut off the converter calmly without jacking up the vehicle. Grand Cherokees are actually the big targets for catalytic converter thieves.

The prices for these cats are good and getting them off the car is not that hard. And you should know about this. Use good security systems. Always park over something to prevent easy cutting of the converters. Make sure you use special cages to protect the converter from theft. You can easily buy them in any exhaust shop.

It's not a good idea to leave your car just on the street in an area where cat converter theft is possible. Better find some parking lot with security or at least with proper lighting.

Final words

Jeep Grand Cherokee catalytic converters are really valuable, so you should be careful to prevent any kinds of theft. Also, you shouldn't agree to sell your catalytic converter from a Jeep Grand Cherokee at a low price. One of the most important things is to find a better company that will pay you more. Sometimes, it's worth searching online and then comparing price offers from numerous companies.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Catalytic Converter Scrap Price, Types, and Locations (2024)
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