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-Molded in polyurethane bushing

-Eliminates wheel hop

-Increases traction

-Eliminates 1-2 “bang shift”

-Premium aircraft grade billet aluminum

-Reduces engine flex

This direct bolt-on mount and bracket combine to replace the rear-lower engine torque mount, significantly improving the vehicle’s traction and shifting response by reducing excessive engine flex. Wheel-hop during hard launches are also completely eliminated thanks to these mounts. Boomba Racing mounts are machined from high quality aircraft grade billet aluminum for strength, durability and looks. Inside each mount you’ll also find solid polyurethane bushings with the rigidity carefully chosen to optimize vehicle stability while also minimizing excessive vibration transfer from the motor to the body.

Also Fits a Fiesta Equipped with the 1.0 Ecoboost engine.

Installation is simple, does not require engine support and utilizes all OEM hardware. Mounts are available in Natural Aluminum finish as well as Red Black & Blue anodized.

As with any aftermarket motor mount, there will be added NVH(noise vibration harshness) that wasn't there before. These mounts take 1,000 to 2,000 miles to fully break in.

Product Color Disclaimer
Due to variances in the anodizing stage of production that are beyond our control, actual color hue may be different than what is pictured and what has also been previously offered by Boomba Racing. We apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. For further clarification, feel free to contact us.

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Boomba Racing Inc.

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  • 5
    High Quality, High Vibration

    Posted by Sean Curran on 11th Jan 2020

    I installed this motor mount on a 1.0 Ecoboost because I was experiencing a lot of movement of the engine. The factory mount on the 1.0 is even weaker than the ST, so it had to go. The vibrations were startling at first, but you do eventually get used to them. I will say that the 1.0 naturally vibrates more than the 1.6, so I'm sure that's a contributing factor. The clutch pedal in particular has become much more linear since installing this mount, which came as a delightful surprise. The power also feels more direct when you stomp on it, like the transmission is actually able to send it to the wheels. Overall the mount is simple to install and performs exactly as expected. Just prepare to piss off the significant other when your entire interior vibrates.

  • 5
    Results pending

    Posted by Matt Mcpherson on 30th Sep 2019

    So install of this was super easy and straight forward, used some ramps and had it done in 30 minutes. It’s definitely more vibration than expected, but the shifts do feel more solid and less sloppy under throttle. I’m waiting the 1-2k break in period before I make a full decision on if it’s worth it.

  • 5
    Rear motor mount

    Posted by Jordon Seeger on 10th Jun 2019

    Easy install and wonderful results. Vibrations are not as bad as I was expecting, but are definitely noticeable. Great Boomba quality as expected!

  • 5
    Puts the power down!

    Posted by Gunnar Rachau on 18th Jan 2019

    After first installing it almost seemed like I did something wrong. My install was done in January in northern Indiana so the combo of extreme cold and solid bushings made for a lot of vibration at first. After some wearing in, about 250 miles or so, it has not reduced very much in terms of NVH. Still rattle coins and drink cans when taking off from a stop. I'm hoping it wears in more but the increase in NVH has been more than worth the benefits. Shifter feel has been increase and you never get that feel like you're being locked out of a gear that I have occasionally before. Also take off and 1-2 shift feels absolutely solid. It's amazing that a $150 part that take 15 minutes to install can change the way the car feels in so many aspects. I'm very happy with the feel this offers, aside from NVH but that is an unfortunate and unavoidable side effect of any mount. I would recommend this to all owners who want more of a racecar feel

  • 5

    Posted by Austin on 5th Jun 2018

    Easy install (30 mins)Improves everything it says it should. Launches are locked down, no bang, and shift feel is buttery. NVH does go up, considerably, but it's tolerable in my opinion. This mount allows you to actually feel the engine, which I really like. I'm sure after it breaks in it'll still be perfect. I was very hesitant because of NVH, I was prepared to end up uninstalling and this would just be a fun $150 experiment, but now I am stoked I went Boomba and its definitely staying on. 10/10 would recommend.

  • 5
    Must have

    Posted by Kyle on 11th May 2018

    This is an absolute must have for the FiST, yes it does add a decent amount of vibration especially when the AC is on but the benefits far outweigh the annoyances. I can now launch without my motor smacking the firewall, shifting in any gear is now like butter, I'm not getting whiplash anytime I shift. It feels like the handling is even better. This with the bov adapter and an intake filter upgrade really makes it feel like a whole new car. I mean honestly ford should have upgraded this piece to begin with. Maybe not as aggressive as this one but they really should have done something better. If you haven't done this upgrade, you need to

  • 5

    Posted by Josue Acevedo on 7th Mar 2018

    I got a new car in a box. The feel of the car changed drastically, better feel at the highway and corners. Improved the shifting too. More vibrations and noise? Yes. Worth it! F**k yeah!

  • 5
    Factory Racer

    Posted by Dino Kozidis on 22nd Jul 2017

    After reading up in forums and general reviews comparing the factory mount to the Cobb, Mountune, and Boomba mounts, I decided to pull the trigger and go with the Boomba Racing RMM, and I am very glad I did. First of all, it's made in America- so I'm buying something made here and supporting a local company and its employee, second of all, the natural aluminum just looks beautiful and appears OEM.Third of all, it just rocks. As the reviewers here have said the NVH definitely goes up and is immediately noticeable, but I like it! It gives the exhaust tone a nice rumble and isn't too bad while cruising. You get a more natural, mechanical feel in the steering and handling, the car shifts smoother in every gear, and you can hear the linkage engaging gears, too.Install was a breeze, and I used drive-up ramps so the front axle and car were raised evenly. I recommend this because some have noted that they've jacked up one side and have gone ahead and reinstalled it a second time with the car raised evenly. I know there's a break-in period, so I'm not worried, but even with 20 miles on the clock since install, the vibrations are by no means bone-shattering.I've read some stories of other aftermarket RMM failing after 10,000 miles, but no such experiences with Boomba. I definitely recommend this product. You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    very pleased! definitely recommend

    Posted by Ryan A owens on 16th Jun 2017

    I have been running the boomba RMM on my fiesta st for about a week now I am highly impressed with it over stock the difference is night and day. And the quality of the rmm is very good. The vibration isn't as bad as people said it would be but I enjoy the added feel it gives the car. This is my second buy from boomba and I will continue to purchase from them. Finally the install and time to install was very easy and short I installed mine and a friend's on the same day it took around and hour to do both cars.

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How many engine mounts does a Fiesta ST have? ›

There are three engine mounts that hold the Ford engine in place. The Hardline Rear Engine Mount is a direct replacement for the factory rear engine mount.

What is the advantage of the rear motor mount on a Ford Fiesta ST? ›

The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is an essential upgrade for any Fiesta ST enthusiast seeking a more connected driving experience. In addition to dramatically reducing engine movement, this mount helps to minimize wheel-hop and improve shift feel and clutch engagement.

Can you drive with 1 bad motor mount? ›

If you are having a motor mount issue, it is very important to get it looked at by a professional mechanic and repaired as soon as possible. A failing motor mount can lead to serious engine damage and will also greatly impact the performance of the vehicle. It is very unsafe to drive with a broken motor mount.

Do I need to replace all 4 motor mounts? ›

If one motor mount is damaged or worn, you can likely get away with just replacing that one. Still, it's a good idea to check the other mounts since they are around the same age and could be close to wearing out. The busted mount could also place unnecessary stress on the others, shortening their lifespans.

How many Fiesta ST are stolen? ›

According to DVLA statistics, 5,979 Fiestas were reported stolen in 2022, compared to 3,909 in 2021. It indicates that, on average, one was stolen every 88 minutes.

Do stiffer motor mounts make a difference? ›

Stiffer rubber, polyurethane, or even solid mounts can solve the axle hop issue at a refinement cost. For my purposes, a stiffer rubber mount helps prevent hop and provides crisper power shifting.

Does Fiesta ST have limited-slip? ›

Mechanical limited-slip differential to enhance cornering traction of all-new Ford Fiesta ST for the first time. Patented force vectoring springs deliver sharper turn-in and responsiveness for engaging, fun-to-drive experience.

Do new motor mounts make a difference? ›

The primary function of these mounts is to support the motor and also absorb vibrations when the machinery is working. In doing so it prevents unnecessary damage to the engine due to these vibrations and also prevents noise and all in all, improves operator comfort.

Which engine mount fails first? ›

As an engine revs, it wants to rotate in the same direction as the crankshaft. That tends to stretch one motor mount and compress the others. Usually, the mount that stretches is the one that fails first, Mazor said.

How long do motor mounts last? ›

It's going to depend on the car, weather, driving conditions and your driving, but overall motor mounts should last a great deal longer than 2 years, My opinion is that you either bought faulty mounts or have some other issue causing them to break. There are different qualities of engine mount.

Is replacing engine mounts a big job? ›

For some vehicles and motor mounts, you may need to remove parts of the subframe or other engine bay parts to access the mounts, but if you take the time and have the correct tools, replacing your motor mounts is usually a Saturday job.

Can a pothole damage a motor mount? ›

Motor mounts, not to mention many auxiliary engine component mounts, can shear off or become loose due to pothole encounters.

Can a bad motor mount cause shaking? ›

One of the first signs that your engine mount is going bad is abnormal vibrations. The mount absorbs most of the vibrations caused by the combustion cycle, so without them working properly, you may feel some jittering or shaking while driving - especially when you're idling or braking.

What can happen if you drive with bad motor mounts? ›

It Causes Damage To Engine And Transmission

It makes both of these parts to strike with other components and the overall situation puts stress on the movement. Overheating takes place too; leaving the bad motor mount uncured makes the matter even worse.

How much does it cost to fix an engine mount? ›

Replacing an engine mount can be relatively inexpensive or costly, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. On average, replacing an engine mount can cost anywhere from $446 to $498.

What to look for when inspecting engine mounts? ›

A metallic visual inspection of the metal parts on the engine mount should also be conducted to locate signs of mechanical damage like cracks, deformed plates, scratches, nicks, and gouges. Any of these can cause performance and installation variations. Damage to the attachments must also be considered.

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