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Deborah Mays attained fame as the wife – now ex-wife of Joe Namath. Now known as Tatiana Mays, she has been able to clinch herself to the entertainment industry not only as an ex-celebrity wife but also as an actress. She has featured in the 1983 TV series ‘The Greatest American Hero’ where she played the role of Tammy.

Joe Namath became renowned for his active involvement in entertainment as several award-winning Hall of Famer American former professional football players, actors, and authors.

He played football for the New York Jets from 1965 to 1977 and for the Los Angeles Rams in 1977. His acting career fast became successful after his first in the 1966 ABC Stage 67.

He further appeared in The Joe Namath Show (1969), Here’s Lucy (1972), The Love Boat (1980), The A-Team (1986), Married… with Children (1993), and the Simpsons (1997, 2013) among others.

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Deborah Mays Married Joe Namath at the Age of 22

Mays and Namath met in 1983 when they were both into acting. They fell in love almost immediately and started dating thereafter.

They married in 1984 in Florida. The two had their first daughter Jessica Grace Namath in 1986. Their second daughter, Olivia Rose Namath in 1991.

Mays and Namath were married for about sixteen years until they divorced in 2000. they did not share the reasons for the divorce.

Where is Joe Namath’s Ex-Wife Today?

Mays has always been a private person, and even after she failed marriage to Namath, she has kept a lot about her away from the public, including her job and relationship.

However, she is said to be warming up to be a playwright – she probably has written something.

She seems to have a healthy and steady relationship with her children. When her daughter had her own daughter, it was Mays who had to look after the child so as to make Olivia focus on finishing High School.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Deborah Mays

Deborah Mays Is Joe Namath's Ex-Wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her - RichAthletes (1)

1. How old is Deborah Mays? – Her life before fame

Born Deborah Lynn Mays on September 1, 1964, in the United States, she had her early life in Remington, Indiana. Mays’ life before fame has been kept rather hidden from the prying eyes of the media. She is currently 59 years old.

2. She changed her name twice

As aforementioned, Mays has birthed Deborah, but first changed her name to May Namath and later Tatiana. Reason why? Different sources have sketched different stories surrounding her name change.

According to a People Magazine of April 1999, she changed her name from Deborah to Tatiana after a namesake cousin was killed. Other sources pointed the name change was a result of disliking her being called Debbie.

News also had it that she preferred Tatiana because she wanted her own identity, and not Joe Namath’s.

3. Deborah Mays helped Namath with alcoholism

Namath dealt with alcoholism at some point in his life. While he was still married to Mays, he was threatened by her to walk out of their marriage if he’d keep drinking.

Since he wanted a life with his family, he became sober only to return to it after their divorce before quitting again.

4. Her ex-husband paid for her to stage a Chekhov play in Manhattan in the 1990s

In a passage of Namath: A Biography, it was stated that Namath at some point paid to rent a theatre for four days for the sake of Mays putting on a Chekhov play.

Namath also appeared in the play and did remarkably well – probably better than his ex-wife.

5. Her daughter gave birth to her first child as a teenager

Deborah Mays Is Joe Namath's Ex-Wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her - RichAthletes (2)

Deborah Mays birthed two daughters Jessica and Olivia from her union with Namath. Their second and last daughter Olivia Rose Namath found herself becoming a mother at the age of 16 in 2007. She named her daughter Natalia.

6. Namath is almost 20 years older than her

The age gap between the two was not much of a barrier to their relationship. Mays was 22 while Namath was 41 at the time they got married.

7. Rumors about their divorce

The couple wedded in 1984 and spent the next 16 years of their lives together until divorce hit the union in 2000. The truth about the divorce has rather been a sketchy one with different reports giving different information.

While others claim Mays worked out of the marriage because she had a plastic surgeon Brian Novack in her life, others stated Namath filed for a divorce and demanded the custody of their children because she was cheating on him with the aforesaid surgeon.

Whatever story be true, there’s definitely a Brian Novack at the center of the drama.

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8. Her first daughter Jessica went through a bad divorce

Jessica who was born in 1986 became married to Brian Kennedy in 2015. A year later, however, the couple separated weeks before the birth of her son.

She accused her then-husband of not showing up as a father and was abusing drugs.

The process of the divorce made headlines especially because of the drama associated with it. It also involved Namath because Kennedy demanded he turned over his financial records.

9. Deborah Mays allegedly divorced twice

Mays once said she was in love with her plastic surgeon lover after her divorce from Namath. Rumors came up that she later became Novack’s wife, but the union did not live to see much light of the day.

The truth about this possible fact has remained behind the curtains.

10. Deborah Mays’ Net worth

According to Net Worth Post, Mays is said to have a net worth estimated at $18 million. her income has been through her acting career and also her divorce settlements.

Her ex-husband has amassed so much wealth during his active career days. Joe Namath currently has an estimated net worth of $25 million. His Salary and brand endorsem*nt deals fetched him quite a lot of money.

Complete profile of Deborah May

Deborah Mays
Full NameDeborah Lynn Mays
Date of Birth1 September 1964
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth place United states
Profession Actress
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse/PartnerJoe Namath (m. 1984–2000)
KidsOlivia Namath, Jessica Namath
Estimated Net Worth: $18 million
Source of net worthActing and Assets
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Social mediaTwitter
Deborah Mays Is Joe Namath's Ex-Wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her - RichAthletes (2024)
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